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Mother Jia touched her son with her hand and changed her face: "Why are you so wet that you're going to die? You're wearing wet clothes and don't say anything. Do you want to get sick?" Illness is something that both the poor and the rich are extremely afraid of. Sometimes it's just a rain, and maybe people can get rid of it. Jia's mother left her husband, stood up, and stripped off her son in two or three strokes. Plus three:.. Your son seems to be fifteen years old! Mother Jia looked at her son's body and suddenly froze. Dad was there, too, breathing heavily and angrily. Did they hit you again? "What did the old man do to you?" Jia's mother and father shouted at the same time, one low and one high. Add three bow, only to find that the wounds on the body are exposed. As for Jia's father and mother, Jia San did not intend to hide it like he did to Jia's grandmother. He was not the original Jia San. He was bullied and did not say anything. Let the two adults continue to ostrich. When I came out of the old man's place, I met Jerome, who said that I had stolen the old man's things, wanted to search me, and wanted to take off my clothes.. "That beast!" Without waiting for his son to finish, the father scolded angrily, "I will kill him!"! I will kill him! Jia San looked at his father's expression and red eyes and knew that he was not talking about it. Sleeping in the inner room, listening to his wife being bullied,plastic pallet suppliers, beaten and abused in the outer room every day, the madness of suffocation, resentment and wanting to kill will only be more than plus three, not less than plus three. The mother took a deep breath and held back her tears. Jerome, the beast, said that and took off his son's clothes. He could think of anything he wanted to do with his knees. Jia's mother didn't ask her son what happened later. She didn't dare to ask and didn't have the heart to ask. Jia's mother turned back to wipe away her tears and grabbed a dry cloth and a small can of bone-setting ointment and hemostatic powder. Jia's mother finally left a little face for her son and did not help him wipe his body,collapsible bulk containers, but she insisted on giving him medicine and used up the little ointment and hemostatic powder. On the way to give her son medicine, Jia's mother found that her son did not seem to have encountered worse things, and she breathed a sigh of relief. But Jerome was already thinking about her son, and she couldn't keep him in the house. Jia's mother bit her lip with a decisive look in her eyes. As soon as Papa can walk, she will kill the beast when he comes to her most relaxed, and then run away with her home! "Dry it quickly. I'll find you some dry clothes. I remember your father should have an extra dress." Jia's mother got up and deliberately found something for herself to do. Jia San saw that they didn't ask what happened later, and he was a little speechless. Is this loving your son? Or escapism? &nbs p; "Father, mother, I killed that beast Jerome." "Yes." Father Jia agreed and scratched his son's feet. Jia San grinned with itching. Jia's mother opened her father's hand and told Jia San, "You'd better not mention it to others in the future, even at home. Beware of walls with ears." "So serious?" "Very serious." The couple both nodded. Plus three simply climbed into the bed, legs on his father's thighs, ibc spill containment pallet ,plastic pallet price, head against the window, side head can see outside. Jia's father also pinched his son's thin calf in a funny way. Jia's mother also looked out of the window, but her eyes were looking at the void. She murmured, "But don't worry too much. Time has passed too long, and few people know those words.". I don't know why the old apothecary can see it, but others, even magicians, can hardly see your origin. This is the answer that time has told us. Just as the dragon is only in the legend, so is the clan. Father Jia added: "There are many races in this world, and there are a lot of hybrids. You look like.." It's very common, and it usually doesn't attract people's attention, and before we came to the mainland, we always dyed your hair and your mother's hair, red hair. When you get here, people with black hair and black eyes account for the majority, and you gradually stop dyeing your hair. If you are worried about being seen in the future, you should continue to dye your hair other colors.
” Add 3 ask: "That old man says that what blood can purify and be fused … …" "Oh!" The mother twisted her son's instep hard, "Don't say!"! Don't say a word about this in the future! Plus three, hands up. Jia's mother stared at her son with a melancholy expression and said, "The old man knows everything. It seems that the experiment he did to you is by no means a simple experiment.". My poor child. Mom, don't worry, I feel good about myself. Really, I feel much stronger than before. Plus three, raise your arms and let them look at their muscles. Jia's mother threw her son a contemptuous look, "You are still strong like that, and later see your mother give you a good tonic." Add father to poke wife, add mom to hum twice, ask to add 3 reluctantly: "Do you want to know the thing of your birth parents?"? What you're watching now is Mad Dog Plus Three 314. Break up with the Jia family ? Only a small half chapter, to see the complete version, please Baidu search: () go in and then search: mad dog plus three 315. Both sides of the blood tower. Your support will be the greatest motivation for the author to write! "The magic array has been activated, and it is impossible to go in front of his small building.". This one here.. The apothecary belongs to the branch of alchemy, and this is probably an apprentice alchemist, at least above the intermediate level. "You said you were able to walk to the door when you came here yesterday, and the pharmacist came out to see you?" "Yes, my Lord." "Did you tell him I was coming to visit?" "Yes, the little one can swear." "Well, perhaps the apothecary is doing something urgent. We'll come back later." Jia San was very sleepy,drum spill pallet, and he wanted to go on sleeping, but the noise was so loud that it echoed in the basement that he couldn't go on sleeping. As he struggled to open his eyes, the noise drifted away and eventually disappeared. Plus three took a few seconds to decide whether it was a dream or a reality. The palm touches the cold stone platform. Stone platform?. binpallet.com