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"Oh, why are you so narrow-minded?" Cheapskate, she knew that he couldn't let go of the little things that were so small that she was drunk, cheated, and dared to hang up on him. Hum, remember the hate ghost. If you want to scold, just say it. If you have some resentment in your stomach for no reason, be careful that you will become more and more hateful. As long as the blush-inducing topic was put aside, her defense was justifiably fluent. Especially what he just said really pissed her off. You haven't reflected at all? Qian Lifeng was so angry that he wanted to grind his teeth and his face began to turn black. Reflection? Why should I reflect? Lu Xiaorong's voice was finally as fast and direct as usual. That's a normal reaction to vent. I didn't mean to. "The normal reaction to venting?"? Are you venting your emotions when you rush into the boss's office and grab the phone? There was a strong unsteadiness in his voice. Weird. Why are you mad at me? I just want to say a few words to your brother. Do you have to make such a fuss? If you want to find the gas bucket, just say it. Why pick such a humble dead man's bone to get angry? And dare to jump on her head?! What, is he addicted to squeezing her? Hum Tell you, don't use the boss's face to press me, others eat your set, I don't like to eat it. Besides, you have to make it clear that I am wronged enough to work here. You think I like to be squeezed by you every day. Compared with Qian Liyan, he is like a good man. At least he will only bully me verbally, unlike you, who are mean to me at work.. She deliberately mentioned Qian Liyan's name to remind him of his unkindness. Who taught him not to let her talk to Qian Liyan? For him,needle valve manufacturer, it was just to save money for an overseas phone call, but for her, those "windfalls" were lost. If you don't want to do it, don't do it. I'm not tying your hands and feet. The powerful nuclear bomb was not as powerful as her statement at the moment, and the weak self-control that Qian Lifeng had worked so hard to earn in his mind quickly flew away. After all these years, she still compares him with her brother in her heart?! Outstanding Qian Shuangjie, people outside often call them brothers,14 needle valve, perhaps, occasionally make some boring comparisons. He often laughs at these things. He doesn't care what other people think. But what she thinks, he should go to hell. *** him. As soon as he touches her, he's a ***ing loser. Qian Lifeng? She was stunned by his sudden attack. What happened to you? Did Qian Liyan say something bad? Otherwise, how could he be so thorough? If there is any bad news coming back from Europe, maybe it is. Alas, no wonder he was in such a bad mood, well, he shouted a few words, forget it, she admitted, later there will be a chance to revenge. Lu Xiaorong was angry, hydraulic fitting supplier ,38 tube fitting, but after volunteering to help him find out the reason, she was very kind and wanted to let him go for a while. She never added insult to injury. Is there any trouble with Qian Liyan? Lu Xiaorong changed his mind and his tone eased a lot. But Qian Lifeng's anger is extremely hot. His mind was full of her careless criticism just now, and the object of her concern at the moment! Qian Liyan, Qian Liyan, Qian Liyan! "Get out." The words of gnashing teeth burst out from Qian Li's sealed lips, and the cold and hard Yu Huo Ba occupied her deep black eyes, but the obvious anger still shot at her in a merciless stare. Keep saying Qian Liyan, since you miss him so much, you won't fly to Switzerland to find him. For the second time in his life, he roared at her! Lu Xiaorong was shocked by his words and anger in front of his eyes. She was still full of anger, but, staring blankly at the resentment like a basket of strange men pouring out, Lu Xiaorong pursed his mouth, his eyes in disbelief through the hot fog on Qian Lifeng.
Like a hundred percent dissatisfaction with her, like a hundred percent resentment against her, like a hundred percent disgust for her, like. She is his number one enemy in this life! Why? Why did Qian Lifeng treat her with such a look and attitude? What has she done to hurt him recently? Why did he scold her again? Besides, he told her to get out. Quickly whirled out of the sad battlefield of fire, and as she passed her desk, Lu Xiaorong stopped for a few seconds and rudely pulled out her small backpack from the drawer, as if there was a big torrent of water behind her, driving her trembling feet quickly. Her retreat brought back his reason. Although she was still angry and saw that she was going to run away again, Qian Lifeng smartly chased after her, and the long arm that shot out failed to grab her, but let a clerk who had just come out of the elevator block the chase. Holding his breath, at the speed of light, Qian Lifeng had rushed downstairs to the atrium. His monogamous momentum also forced back several employees who had taken the security gate. He had no time to drop half an apology. His anxious eyes caught sight of the small figure who had stepped into the front hall one step earlier than him. Xiao Rong! As soon as she heard the sound, Lu Xiaorong was stunned for a thousandth of a second. She tightened the belt of her backpack and dodged left and right like a slippery loach. In a very short time, she jumped out of the door of Qian's group. Qian Lifeng, who was in a gloomy mood, ran out of the gate almost frantically, just in time to catch a glimpse of the door that had been forcibly closed, and he could only watch the taxi go away. And God damn it, when he finally stopped a taxi without passengers, the taxi carrying her had long disappeared. Qian Lifeng waited for her all night. In my own home, in Lu's home, in the alley, no matter where I am, I wait all night. And she didn't come back. Panic is not enough to describe his feelings, Chien Li-feng drove all over the streets and alleys of Taipei City, where she often went to bowling alleys,tube fitting manufacturer, cafes, PUB.. Even Ah Chung and Chen Hung-cheng, he had harassed them all. But no one had ever been with her. chinaroke.com