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Country took the spread out the letter, repelled to make, a long time to nod, "not bad!"! According to my command, these two passes are absolutely all right! Huang Zhong slightly a frown hesitated way, "sir and Chen but three thousand military forces, not only to Luoyang, but also need to guard the two pass, the force is not stretched.." If it's about the plot of the eastern princes. Guo Jia waved his hand and said with a faint smile, "Now lyu3 bu4 and Cao Cao confront each other, even if lyu3 bu4 is defeated, but sooner or later.". But Cao Cao even unified the whole Yanzhou, also definitely have no strength to fight with our army for Si Li, not to mention Luoyang four wild a scorched earth, which still have to fight for value? "Give up Luoyang, concentrate on three thousand military forces guarding tiger prison, Sishui two pass, even if tens of thousands of troops and what can I do?" Guo Jia was full of confidence, and then said with a faint smile, "I admire my elder brother. In the past, Dong Zhuo had tens of thousands of military forces to defend, so Xiongguan was also captured by him.." Oh? I still remember, it seems that Sishuiguan was captured by General Han Sheng himself! Huang Zhong ha ha a smile, way, "that is childe peep through the thief army.". On the contrary, it can make the last general add to the first merit. Guo Jia smiled faintly, and then said, "I'm afraid General Fan has arrived at the gates of Chang'an now.". But I don't know how Xu Rong dispatched his military forces. "Now that the gentleman has pacified Si Li,fake blossom tree, tiger prison, Sishui two pass in hand, our back is safe, not if led soldiers forward, besieged Changan for the first!"! After all This is what the Marquis of Wei ordered. "Huang Zhong thought about it and said respectfully." How interesting This matter is not urgent, Han Sheng can be a little calm! Guo Jia shook his head. Then his eyes sparkled and he said, "I still have to wait for a good opportunity!" Huang Zhong looked at the country cunning appearance, for a time but also don't know what to say, after all, the young guy has made him surrender, since there is a plan,decorative palm trees, that he is not convenient to ask more, just mention a way, "just afraid to be known by Wei Hou.." "Han Sheng.." You must have belittled your brother! After a few days of calm, I can conclude that the elder brother must have a plot. And he even deceived me, and his plan was not small! Country eyes flashed a glimmer of light, "I have transferred the Wu Guan fan forward, how to do prestige, but also meet the elder brother conditions, and also early repair book defense, today elder brother has not sent south reprimand in me, is irrefutable evidence!"! Just wait a few days and you can make a decision! Huang Zhong slightly one Leng, looking at the country has a well-thought-out plan. Surprised and suspicious, "Sir, I don't know what I'm going to do, but since the Marquis of Wei already knows.". It's all right over there! Guo Jia waved his sleeve robe and chuckled, it's not a strange plan, just to get a wolf.. " “……! Could it be.. Han Sui!? Huang Zhong picked up his eyelids and blurted out. How interesting "Guo Jia smiled, but did not answer." "Report to master the army to Xu Rong as commander in chief, thirty thousand military forces have been in the north of the city of Changan five miles away camp!" The horse received the news, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,outdoor ficus tree, but it was shocked and hurried to marten. Is it finally here? Since the fall of Ma Chao. ^ ^ Marten face has been shrouded in a tired. But there was a crimson hatred between his eyes, and he immediately clapped his hands angrily and gnashed his teeth. Wei Ning is not seventy thousand, how can only get thirty thousand!? "Report back to the tetrarch." Er, the army in return, the Xu Rong led the troops twenty thousand south convergence zhaoyun, in Changling is Zhang Yan will lead the troops ten thousand westbound.. Seem It seems to be to intercept our reinforcements. The pawn's face was a little ugly, and after a while he stammered. Intercept Han Sui? Marten face but also suddenly a change, can not help but hate laughed, "a good Xu Rong!"! You want my army to be alone!? Delusion! "Can with Han Sui military forces reinforcements news!?" Thought of here, marten will look to the people again, harsh voice asked.
The person in charge of military intelligence shrank his neck and replied, "but still did not receive the news of General Han Sui's reinforcements.." Master, could it be Zhang Yan's interception? Marten wanted to think, with a sneer, "if Zhang Yan can stop Korea hence military forces, the two armies have a war, how can our army not news?" People looked at each other, surprised way, "master's meaning!" Marten finally put away the tyrannical appearance, sighed and regretted, "but I am too angry to attack the heart, lost the sense of propriety.." Alas! People do not know so, silent. Cheng Yang! Said here, marten eyes flash, immediately drink a way. The person who was hit by the name immediately came out of the line, folded his fists and answered, "At the end, I will be there!" "You lead two thousand troops, day and night cultivation, if the enemy war, not to defend the city, raise enough spirit, I have important things to need you to do!" Marten frowned a few minutes, as if under a difficult decision, this just flatly way. The last general. As you wish.. Into Yang think marten this military order some abrupt, now the enemy, how can give up these military forces, instead is to conserve energy? Into the column wanted to think for a long time, flashed a trace of surprise in the heart, into Yang this just suddenly feel, thought must be marten to do abandoned city plan. His suspicion made him worry for a moment. Then, think of the beginning, pound, d the two generals are defeated in the hands of each other zhaoyun, is quite restless, now seems to be marten heart timid, more affect the morale of all present. Obviously, there were many people who had this idea, and everyone looked at each other in the dark, and it was clear that they had flinched a little. Marten didn't know he was unwilling to make a decision for a long time, but instead caused the army will collapse, two eyes at a loss, with a bit of shame. In fact, he has sat down, in the future, I'm afraid is to completely merge into the forces of Han Sui, in exchange for recapturing the power of d, or to have the strength of revenge to Hedong army. With the help of Korea hence military forces, has been the only marten can think of, can walk through the road. And marten didn't know, although he and Han Sui is sworn brother, but in front of the interests,outdoor ficus tree, what friendship is just a piece of paper. His body to keep the blood of the Qiang people, it is to borrow Korea Sui can barely into the Liangzhou aristocratic high-level, and Korea Sui is also with the help of his prestige in the Qiang people and his family up and down Wu Yong and unified Liangzhou. hacartificialtree.com