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Al sighed, unhappy at not being able to play a trick on Yavin. His age was said to be more than four hundred years old. In the age of elves, this was still a young boy who had just come of age. Perhaps for this reason, Yawen did not treat him with such respect. This was not to say that he did not respect him in his heart, but of course he did not treat Eowen as businesslike. Al and his adoptive father used to say that Arvin and Eowyn together could put the whole tree house into an embarrassing abyss. I want to break your head when I see you two together. Said the adoptive father. Al said they didn't know him that well at that time, or the first time they met, he stood by the door, smiling and joking. Then I'll be responsible for breaking Eowyn's head. Yawen took a sip of wine and said, "Let's go." Al looked at him in surprise. "Don't you finish it?" Yawen always cherishes money after he has been single in the world. But in fact, Yawen is not stingy because of his personality. He said, "I can help Lord Uchel with things that elves can't do." His address is very serious when it's business. Al said, "That's all right. How much do you want?" "A gold coin." "Is it a little too expensive?" "You have money." Arvin put the knife on the table, and only in front of Al and Eowyn would he let the silver knife leave his side. Besides, this knife is worth the price. "It seems so." Al said, "Come on, we should go back." So on the way, they briefly talked about some tasks. Ten years after the end of the war, the top level of the Orange Empire has been reshuffled,Micro Gear Motor, and the emperor has changed his family to rule again, but things are not as simple as they seem on the surface, and now the royal family is powerless to restrain it, and there are still many troubles and darkness in the human country, which are the remnants of the original war. There are still many slaves and rare Warcraft living bodies smuggled to one side of the forest in a cruel way, and then weapons and alchemy props smuggled to the other side-do you ask the master? That's hard to say. Or Arvin wouldn't have escaped the Lorraine family's arrest warrant five years ago. The members of the nobility who wore the golden lion badge hated Yavin, or rather the silver knife on his body. The silver dragon to which the silver knife belonged was said to be the culprit of the civil strife in a country,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, and they were doing justice for heaven. They ferociously hunted down and killed their adoptive father, which made them have a very uncomfortable life, or Yawen was picked up by his adoptive father, and they had been fleeing for so many years. Admittedly, the influence of the human aristocracy is not as strong as it used to be. The adoptive father doesn't work everywhere. He usually goes to a place to hide his whereabouts, and then occasionally earns extra money, flirts with women, and then runs away-and lives a good life. The adoptive father seemed to have experienced the past of the lion's broken halberd, but he did not tell Yawen, and Yawen was not interested in knowing. It's a far-fetched excuse for Yavin. At most, the dragon robbed the Duke of Lorraine. Now the Lorraine family has been reduced to a small third-rate aristocracy, struggling in the whirlpool of so-called power. The wanted man who offered a reward for the silver dragon was still on the list. His adoptive father said, "Ha ha. I'm laughing to death. It's too embarrassing to admit defeat without seeing the shadow of the dragon. You wait and see." Sure enough, Brushless Gear Motor ,Gear Reduction Motor, up to now, the reward has not been withdrawn, and of course, there will not be any fool to uncover the list and kill the dragon, and take the reward that Lorraine's house floats higher than the dragon. In fact, if you want Yawen to say, it's good to have a reward. It seemed to him that his adoptive father was not as brilliant as the legend, such as the flame of the double knife, the smiling wolf of the silver blade, and the Griffin killer, all of which were made by offering a reward. As soon as others heard the reward, they felt that the adoptive father was really good, and the commission would be much higher. Plus the knife is really sharp, it's too important to have a handy guy to eat these days. Now Yawen has come out to do it himself, and he has tasted a lot of sweetness. "They will probably come around from the forest tonight, or they may be transmitted," Al said, introducing the information about the smugglers. Eowyn went back to defend. I have a map here. You can ambush and defend at night. There were a lot of girls smiling at Al on the way. The courtship day was coming. There are many aunts smiling at Yawen. The courtship festival is coming.
They smiled at Yawen's adoptive father. The adoptive father is an unruly man who has incurred a lot of romantic debts. Although he rarely spent the night with a woman, Yavin wondered if there was something wrong with him. But a man who doesn't sleep with a woman, who is now a mother or even a grandmother, still laughs when he sees his adopted son Yawen. To be honest, Yawen doesn't want it at all. For this reason, he has a good relationship with all the aunts in Xuexi Valley. "By the way," the elf remembered as he passed the carnivorous orc area, "I have a four-leaf clover pendant that I promised to give to Andil." Andil is a black and white panther, and her mother is a black panther who has found a white wolf. Orc hybrids are mostly mixed only in color, giving birth to children who are either like father or mother, rarely two together. Arvin knew that Andy, his adoptive father, and his grandmother, Lida, had a good relationship. Fifteen years ago, every time they came to Snow Valley, his adoptive father would go to Lida for a drink. The orc's life was short. Fifteen years ago, Lida died and was buried under the tree in front of their house. His adoptive father attended the funeral. So they walked across the bridge of Star Creek and took a detour to the meat orc area. Today, the Panther Hotel is also doing well. The first floor is the lobby, where many carnivorous orcs from the big camp and the roaring city settle down. Al Lyle stopped abruptly in the doorway, and Yavin looked up behind him. There is a human girl sitting in the lobby. Her hair was very black, her skin was very white and tender, and although her clothes were simple, she looked like a lady of the nobility. When she looked back at Al,Planetary Gear Motor, Arvin saw that she was really small. He couldn't tell her age. It looked like she might be a dwarf or a snake. The girl obviously knew Al, and her actual age was not as young as she appeared. Yawen was indifferent. There were many immortals in the world. According to Al's social circle, maybe it was a dragon. ichgearmotor.com