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The strength he showed was simply appalling but at the same time he earned a big face for Hejiazhuang This can be known only by looking at the performance of Cheng's father and son when they sent them away from the mansion Especially for He Yiming even though Cheng Ningsheng was more than eighty years old he pulled down his face and talked with him with a smile For his attention and etiquette it seemed that he was not under the Lin Tao Li Childe of the Lin family in Linlang County Similarly Lin Taoli's attitude toward He Yiming was also too Organic Chemicals intimate and if people who did not know saw him they would think that the two of them were brothers Seeing the sun in the west Cheng Jiahui could no longer find an excuse to stay so he had to send them out of the house in person A group of people beat gongs and drums through half of the county town into the He family has long been settled here in the courtyard As for the family of the He family then only the next day on the road Lin Wenyu personally accompanied Cheng Yanli into the boudoir today naturally can not be the night of the bridal chamber let Lin Wenyu come out to accompany nature is the best choice Several lineal men of the He family surrounded the room and drove all the servants back He Quanming and others looked at Yiming with surprise and dissatisfaction He Yiming disturbed his scalp and as soon as his eyes turned he had a headache about the three-hall trial of his family However he rolled his eyes slightly and immediately gave a pretentious giggle and said "Dad Uncle I have gained a lot from today's battle" Now I'm going to retreat and learn all I've learned Please don't bother me until tomorrow morning With that he waved his hand generously and turned to leave the room Behind them He Quanming and others looked at each other although they knew that Yiming's words were false but since he said so even if they were bold they did not dare to object If he is telling the truth then disturb him to understand the martial arts the consequences are not the presence of anyone can bear With a wry smile He Quanyi said "This little rabbit" He paused remembering that today he Yiming was so powerful that he could not say the following words in any case With a slight cough he said "Yiming this little fellow has come to such a point of practice" Second brother as his father how can you not know He Quanming glared at him angrily and said "I'm his father but how many times can I see him all the year round" On the contrary you as his third uncle are taking care of everything in Chuang Tzu but you still don't know He Quanyi smiled bitterly and said "Second Brother have you forgotten that all the children of Chuang Tzu who have been promoted to the sixth floor of Inner Strength are no longer under my jurisdiction" Especially when Yiming has such achievements at his age how can I control him He Quanming nodded slightly and what the third brother said was also true Especially for Yiming Chemicals Suppliers the old man has long said that no one is allowed to discipline him and let him develop on his own It's just that this self-development has come to this point today and it can be said to be unique At this moment the two brothers really admire the old man's vision ※※※※ In Cheng Fu decorated with lanterns and colored streamers jubilant Cheng's father and Cheng Jiahui no matter in the face of anyone are smiling the joy of the heart is not stingy to express out For the marriage of the He family the two appear to be very satisfied look at their appearance if not because of the rules I am afraid that the two of them will personally rush to the He mansion Very not easy to send the daughter away the guests at home are also left one after another the two people in charge of the Cheng family are accompanied by Lin Taoli's side for the big son of the Lin family they are warmly greeted for fear of neglect Accompanied by Cheng Yanjuan Lin Taoli has always been extremely polite at least so far they are indeed treated as relatives In the evening Mr Cheng finally left Lin Taoli sat upright in the most luxurious courtyard hall in the backyard and said with a smile "Father-in-law how much do you know about Hejiazhuang" Cheng Jiahui was slightly stunned He thought about it for a moment and Organic Solvents said "He Jiazhuang was built from scratch by He Wude only forty years ago"
After 40 years of wind and rain now is finally dominate one side from today on in Taicang County Hejiazhuang's reputation will certainly climb to the top of the three families When he said this Cheng Jiahui's expression was quite dignified Taicang county can be regarded as a relatively peaceful place but the people here are very strong in martial arts although they are taught by the inner strength and practice the inner strength but also no one in a hundred But everyone knows how to keep fit and in this special environment everyone's bravery and prestige are indispensable supplements to a family Had it not been for this He Wude could not have laid the foundation of Hejiazhuang here by force alone Of course to be able to do this is also closely related to his luck not all of the ten layers of strength to spell out a foundation that can be passed on After calmly telling the story of He Wude Cheng Jiahui hesitated for a moment and added "My father and He Wude are of the same generation I know more about this person If Mr Lin wants to know more he can ask my father to come over" With a wave of one hand Lin Taoli said with a smile "Don't bother the old man I'm just asking around" He hesitated for a moment and said "After a while I want to pay a visit to Hejiazhuang Please ask my father-in-law to arrange a servant to lead the way" Cheng Jiahui hurriedly agreed to come down but his heart was quite heavy because he had vaguely guessed the purpose of Lin Gongzi's going After Lin Taoli took his leave Cheng Jiahui hesitated for a moment and finally turned around and walked toward the old man's house Not long after he came to Cheng Ningsheng's room the old man leisurely sitting on the Kang is slowly sipping a mouthful of green tea like an ordinary old man leisurely Father what you expect is not bad Lin Taoli is really inquiring about the He family 。 globalchemmall.com