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When Heyuan returned to Anrenli, he was particularly touched. Think of oneself, Zuhai is really too good to her, is simply take whatever she wants, compared to Song Yan, is really a heaven, a ground. Zuhai was sent back by Dong Qunli, drunk in a mess, Dong Qunli is also drunk staggering, but still with Heyuan will Zuhai upstairs. He yuan sent Dong Qunli away, and Zuhai had already slept in a muddle. Heyuan just woke Zuhai up, helped him to the toilet to vomit, and poured a catty of honey water before letting him sleep. In the past, I hated Zuhai's drunkenness and always beat Zuhai's buttocks. Today, I can't. Where can I find someone who is so good to her. But she thought that Song Yan still couldn't sleep, so she took a book and read it until she was tired. Work a day's hands and feet will be sore, do not know how Song Yan that is. Thirty-five Heyuan became a trapeze artist. Shenzhou special has entered the stage of quotation review, even Lonnie personally, of course, Heyuan has to accompany. Before going to Zhu's head office, a feasibility proposal must be made on the basis of previous contacts and the intensive peripheral investigations that have begun. His staff, except for Tang Shengnian and his two assistants, were all sent by Heyuan to make them look like flying tops. Even some people were the first to refuse to be controlled by girls, and finally they had no idea in front of the high-intensity work. Who had time to consider cutting and managing the chaotic office personnel relations? Is the technical support of those people, although Heyuan is coordination,coltan ore processing, but in the face of work, Heyuan refers to the east, they can not cooperate with the east? Although they are a direct descendant of Lonnie, they are a service department after all, and all their work must revolve around sales and marketing. At the beginning of the negotiation, especially during the design of the scheme, it was the time when technology could not be absent, that is, Ken,Portable gold trommel, who was originally fooling around, was also taken away at this time. Heyuan is most troubled by the traffic problem, whenever sitting on the plane, even the mobile phone can not be connected, Heyuan always feels blocked in the heart, but it is also the best time to organize ideas, no phone interference. Before May Day, Heyuan flew home from Shenzhou Special. This time, the driver of the office came to pick up the plane and drove her VOLVO. Heyuan is now an upstart. The driver who used to drive for Andre is now very attentive to Heyuan. He took her luggage when he met her. Heyuan thanked her and called Zuhai, "Zuhai, I'm back.". How to have a rest on May Day? I haven't asked yet. Well, I'll go back to the company first. Can we have dinner together? "I'll tell Sister Fu what to eat. I'm dying for green vegetables. I'm not losing seafood when I go back, so I'll have less green vegetables." Zuhai just closed the door of the office and waited for Heyuan to finish like a machine gun. He laughed and heckled: "Heyuan, give me a kiss, just once." She knew there must be a driver in her car, and she couldn't do it. Heyuan chuckled. "*** you. Be careful that I go home to punish you.". Hey, have you decided on a gift for the first anniversary? Zuhai smiled all over his face: "How could you not think well, magnetic separator machine ,Portable gold trommel, baby, are you rushing back today?"? I knew you would come back today. He yuan looked at the driver next to him, but still couldn't hold back. He said with a smile, "Yes, I wanted to surprise you by suddenly attacking home at night, but I couldn't help calling you as soon as I got off the plane.". OK, Zuhai, we'll talk later. Goodbye There's someone next to you, and you can't speak neatly. It's boring. Let's talk about it at home. Zuhai wanted to say a few more words, but Heyuan said goodbye in a hurry. He had to look at the microphone helplessly and turn around a few times in his hand before putting it back on the base. He yuan quickly talked to Fu Jie on the phone and said what he wanted to eat for dinner. He called the clerk of the marketing department: "Xiao Zhou, how is the rest of May Day arranged?" Xiao Zhou hurriedly said, "Mr. Wang will have two days off before and after May Day. That's three days, plus two days on May Day. The office is going to have five days off." "Five days?" It must be Mr. Wang who wants to go home for a visit. His home is in Hong Kong. "Well, Xiao Zhou, you inform everyone except Tang Shengnian and his group to prepare for a meeting in the glass room. I have come out of the airport and will arrive soon. I will have a meeting as soon as I arrive.". Contact the technical support department and ask them when they can give it to me in the afternoon. Let's discuss the framework of the plan for Wuhan. Cho, get ready to take notes.
Please ask Mr. Wang to support one of our translators to attend the meeting with the technical support department and make a summary of the meeting in English. Put down the phone, then secretly stretched, but listen to the driver said: "Manager Liang, you see the right hand of the house, still new, I bought a set of two rooms and one hall here, before the house price here is 120,000, now only 100,000, one-time payment can be reduced by 5%.". I asked my relatives and friends to borrow some money, paid the money at one time, and then took it to the bank to make a loan for three years, and slowly repaid it. It's being decorated these days. Heyuan turned his mind a little from his work and looked at the six-story house standing like a matchbox on the right. He said with a smile, "Although it's a little far from the city, the bus is very convenient, and the vegetable market below is so big.". Life must be very convenient. The driver laughed and said, "The market is big, but there are not many people living in the community. There is no business in the market and the popularity is insufficient. There are many vegetable stalls and few seafood stalls.". My home is being decorated, the same corridor, can only see two people living on the first floor, two people on the second floor are also being decorated, two people on the top floor have installed anti-theft windows, no one lives on the third and fourth floors, may be the most expensive, my home is on the fifth floor, I do not know if the door has been sold, it seems that no one has gone in. My wife said that although it was good to live in a new house, she was afraid that there were so many empty houses around her, and she was afraid that some roving criminals would live in the empty houses. I said she was talking nonsense. How can people live in an empty room without water and electricity. But when I went to see it at night, I was really flustered, and there were few lights on in the whole community. Heyuan looked at the area being left behind by the car, then said: "It is estimated that the environment of this area is not mature, the original price is too high, my husband made a property, because of the space designed by foreign designers, go in and look at the sense of space is particularly strong, so it sells well.". Although there are five kinds of lots in the urban area, they are sold at the price of four kinds of lots,mineral flotation, and now they are all sold out. Now the second phase is still piling, and several sets have been determined. It is absolutely worthwhile for you to buy a house at a low price here. When the popularity rises, your house will be valuable. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com